At the I Love Shockwave Training Centre, we specialize in Shockwave acoustic wave education and support for all healthcare professionals. Our goal is to train and certify practitioners at all levels of Shockwave therapy from beginners to advanced professionals. We want to improve treatment quality and support the outcomes we have come to expect from this revolutionary new technology. Our online Shockwave training courses cover every brand and model of Shockwave device you may have chosen. Exceptional training and support is our promise. Ongoing learning is critical for any modern healthcare practitioner, and we’ve built our business on providing training that works into your busy schedule. The only worthwhile training course is the one you take, so we make our training fun, engaging and highly productive. We want you to join us often—and to see you thrive in your practice. On-Demand Video Training & Shockwave Webinars In addition to live training with our experienced on-boarding and support team, we produce on-demand video training and webinar materials for versatile educational support that matches your needs and your practice’s long-term goals.

Intro to Shockwave Devices and Training

Uran Berisha

The I Love Shockwave Training Centre

We are experts in extracorporeal shockwave and radial pressure wave therapies—and we are practitioners too. As such we have an unparalleled grasp on the inner workings of a busy regeneration clinic. We treat clients daily with a broad range of conditions on the spectrum of pain and injury. Years of experience have given us tools to improve treatment efficacy through specific protocols as well as numerous opportunities to develop methods and techniques that prolong the life of your device. We offer a range of training courses to suit the skillsets of shockwave practitioners at literally every career stage, using any type of shockwave device. Whether you’re just starting out or have decades of Shockwave experience, a wealth of learning and development awaits you at the I Love Shockwave Training Centre.

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